Monday, December 31, 2012

Capsicum Fry

Capsicum cut into small cubes 2cups
       (Red 1cup, Green 1 cup)
Onion chopped 1
Salt to taste
Turmeric powder 1/4tsp
Dry garlic powder 1/2tsp
Peanut spice powder 3tsp
Mustard, cumin seeds 1/2tsp
Channa dal, Urad dal 1/2tsp
Red chilli 2
Oil 2tsp

1. Heat oil in a pan add mustard seeds, cumin seeds let them crack, add red chilli pieces, channa dal, urad dal and fry.
2. Add onion fry for few seconds, add capsicum pieces mix well and keep the stove on medium-low flame fry for 2minutes.

3.  Now add salt, turmeric powder mix well, cover and cook for 3-5 minutes(stir occasionally).
4. Remove lid, add dry garlic powder stir well and fry.
5. Now add Peanut spice powder mix well and fry till capsicum become soft and it leaves oil.
6. Remove from the flame and serve hot....
good with chapathi and roti...

Peanut spice powder (

Verusenaga pappu/Pallilu/Peanuts/Ground nuts  1cup
Dry red chilli 12
Garlic pods 6
Cumin seeds/jeera 2tsp
Dry coconut powder 2tbsp
Salt to taste
Oil 1tsp

1. Heat a pan and roast ground nuts/verusenaga pappu on medium flame, peel off  the skin and keep aside.
2. In the same pan add oil and fry red chilli for 1minute, add cumin seeds/jeera fry for one more minute remove from the stove.
3. Cool the ingredients completely.

  • Now grind red chilli, cumin seeds, salt as powder.
  • Add Garlic pods, Fried ground nuts and dry coconut powder grind as a coarse powder.


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