Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Rava Laddu(Sooji Laddu)

 Sooji rava 1cup
 Grated coconut 1/2cup
 Sugar 3/4cup
 Milk 1/3 cup(adjust)
 Cardamom powder 1/2tsp
 Cashew nuts chopped 2tsp
 Raisins 3tsp
 Almonds chopped 1tsp
 Ghee 2tsp

1. Heat 2tsp ghee in a pan, fry cashew, almond and raisins on medium flame.
2. Add grated coconut fry for 1minute, add sooji rava keep the stove on low flame and fry till the mixture turns into slightly brown color or till you get nice aroma.
3. Add Sugar mix well fry for 1-2 minutes on very low flame and switch off the stove.
4. Add milk slowly, stir well while mixing milk, finally add cardamom powder mix well, transfer it to a plate.
5. Wait for 2-3 minutes... once the mixture becomes warm, take some portion of mixture into your hand make small lemon size ball by using your hand, do the same for remaining mixture.
 Sooji laddu is ready to eat..
Let dry these laddu's for some time and store...


The laddu mixture is dry then add few teaspoons of milk while making laddus.
You can use water instead of milk.



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