Monday, March 12, 2012

Coconut kheer

 Raw coconut:2 cups 
 Cardamom powder:1/2tsp

        1.  First we want to sock rice for 1/2 hour and grind with the raw coconut make as batter,use little water if needed while grinding, keep this aside.
        2.  Place thick bottom pan in stove and pour milk in the pan. boil the milk in medium flame stir well. once milk boiled fully then add coconut and rice batter allow it to cook it will take 7 minutes.
        3. stir continuously and keep the flame on medium.
        4.once coconut is cooked then add sugar and stir well. Otherwise bottom will burnt. cook this one for 5minutes, add cardamom power.

        5. Take another pan and pour 2tsp ghee fry cashews, add these cashews in payasam.
add remaining ghee in payasam and remove the pan from flame and serve hot or cold.

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