Friday, January 27, 2012

My first post - Carrot Halwa

              Kesari is one of traditional sweet in south indian recipes and it is one of the sweet we made it fast. But carrot halwa takes little bit more time to prepare than normal semolina/sooji/rava kesari.

1. Carrot: 1/2 kg or 5medium size grated carrot
2. Milk : one litre
3. Sugar : 2 cups
4. Ghee : 1/4 cup
5. Cashews : 3 spoons(tsp)
6. Raisins : 2 spoons(tsp)
7. Almonds : 2 spoons(optional)
8. Cardamom power :1/4 spoon(tsp)

 First clean the carrot and grate the carrot. put pan on stove add 2spoons ghee  fry the cashews  and keep aside. then fry the grated carrot in the same pan.
now its time to pour milk, pour the milk in the pan n cook carrot along with milk.
keep the flame in medium and stiring slowly. non-stick pan is preferable other way while boiling milk sticks to the bottom of the pan..
milk dissolves fully  and becomes thik gravy with carrot then add sugar
cook it in medium flame 5-7 minutes and add the remaining ghee stir till the halwa doesn't stick to the pan. 
at last add cardamom power raisins, cashews. it gives a rich flavour to your delicious halwa

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